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I love social media measurement. I love that it is an unsolved problem, I love how it both augments and at the same time potentially replaces (or at least really disrupts)  most other forms of digital measurement for agencies and brands. I love the big data, I love the meta data, I love the data feeds. I love the network visualizations (even if they are useless), the infographics (even if they mislead), and the basic charts (even if they are of the pie variety).

I think most people who love social measurement, or at least do it for a living, feel somewhat alone. We have clients who want answers (usually to the wrong questions), bosses who rely on us but really can’t support us, and almost no peers. That’s scary but exhilarating.

I have been the head of technology for two different internet marketing start-ups, one in affiliate marketing (I would argue the precursor to social marketing) starting back in 1999, and the other in social media starting in 2007. I’m currently in charge of social measurement for Team Detroit. In these three roles, I’ve learned how almost every aspect of digital marketing is done and how it is measured, I’ve been the architect as well as builder for several pieces of software that track online activity to sales (including a listening tool that was named a leader in the Forrester Wave), I’ve helped guide strategy, I’ve built research databases and reporting tools, I’ve been a vendor, a client, and an agency representative, and above all else I’ve been curious and skeptical.

And it goes without saying, the opinions expressed on this blog are mine, and aren’t necessarily shared by my agency or my client.

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