No More Snake Oil

Almost everything I read about social media measurement (and strategy in general) falls into two categories:

  1. Advice or an algorithm that is so basic (and sometimes wrong) that I’m left wondering who exactly¬†the intended audience is, because surely everyone who cares already knows that Facebook is not just about fan count, and you should be listening to conversations before engaging, and social ROI is about your specific business objectives. Right?
  2. Experts (maybe even gurus!) or vendors who claim to have your¬†social media measurement problems solved with just one algorithm or one approach. Usually the answer is some sort of black box that returns a single number, and the higher that number is, the better your social programs are doing. It’s amazing!

This blog is devoted to those of you out there who are sick of all the snake oil, the magical solutions, the one-size-fits-all measurement schemes (cough cough Klout cough cough) and all the other bullshit that is being heaped upon us every day by people who probably know better, but who also know that many of the people they are selling this crap to don’t even know what social measurement questions they’re trying to answer, let alone what a real answer would look like. I am devoted to creating an environment for those of us who “get it” and need real answers. I will post about approaches that make sense and will call out those that don’t. And if you’re wondering why I think I’m qualified to even talk about this stuff, check out my About page.

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